1-1 Coaching Domestic Abuse & Bullying

1-1 Coaching Domestic Abuse & Bullying

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Domestic Abuse & Bullying? 

Have you been affected by domestic abuse or bullying or even
possibly both? Domestic Abuse happens so often and it happens in so many shapes
and forms that a lot of people seem uneducated about. It can stem from
controlling someone, belittling them in front of friends, family and in public.
It’s important to remember Domestic Abusers are natural born manipulators and
no one deserves to live this way. I know because I am a survivor of domestic
abuse, I was a single parent and I was bullied too. Bullies only say and do
things to others because they feel intimidated or they want to make themselves
feel better. 9/10 bullies perform this kind of behaviour because of something
that happened in their childhood, happening at home or even something to do
with their own insecurities. If you have been affected and want some support,
let’s talk. I have a book out on Domestic Abuse which will help anyone who has
been their or who is needing support in moving forward. It’s good to remember
also, that children are always affected by domestic abuse, it can affect them
in later life but depends on their development.   

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