1-1 Coaching Stress & Anxiety

1-1 Coaching Stress & Anxiety

per session

Stressed & Anxious?

Struggling with Stress & Anxiety? Are you allowing the fear
to take over? Letting those niggly thoughts in your head make you feel like you’re
not good enough? Far too many people are affected by stress and anxiety and the
problem is, not a lot of people know what it is or even what causes it. Their
senses are heightened, which frighten them and sometimes causes panic attacks.
I can help you understand what it is, where it stems from and exactly how you
can help yourself by using the techniques and tasks we do together. You have to
be committed and put in the work, otherwise it wont work. By the end of the
sessions you will feel more inspired, empowered and motivated to take control
back of your life.  

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